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Furmates page 7(and end)

Cresent let out a loud wail so Strongbow decided to ask 1 of the

Females about how to get his Cub to stop crying. Rillfisher was the

1st he saw and even though she was deaf from a fever she could still " hear " sending.

x Rillfisher. x " Hello Strongbow. " x Do you Know How to Make a Cub Stop Crying? x he looked so lost

she had to hold back a giggle. " Where is Moonshade? " x the Hot Spring In the Glade. I Don't Think Cresent

Can Send Yet. x " She May Be Either Hungry or Need a Change. " the Archer held her out to Rillfisher. she took

the crying Cub. " Hey Now Little One,Are you Hungry? or Need a Change? " Cresent hiccuped and blinked so Rillfisher

unwrapped the Loincloth. it was soiled " She's In Need of a Change. " Moonshade's Wolf Friend Shyhider noticed and

trotted to the Glade. " Oh Not you Too! "  xFriend Cub Sad. Friend Mate Not Know How to Quiet Cub.x " Ha Ha! Poor

Strongbow. Ok let's Go Rescue Him. " meanwhile nearby Bearclaw had dozed off as had Redmark. for now both were

sated. Strongbow was relieved to see Moonshade coming " Oh Good you're Back She Needs you. " " so Shyhider Told

me. " Rillfisher handed Cresent to her Mother. " She's Wet. " as Moonshade and Strongbow went to their Bower. " you

Didn't Think to Check Her? " " She Can't Send. " " you're Hopeless,Did you Try to Send to Her? " " uhm No but I Did Ask

Her only All I Got was a Louder Cry. " Moonshade chuckled as she changed the Cub then sat on their Furs and fed her.

back at Bearclaw's hidden Bower he stirred. " Mm. " the younger Elf snuggled next to him causing him to smile. as he

moved a lock of Hair off Redmark's Face he woke. " Mm (yawn) Hello. " " We Should Get Back to the Holt. " they got

dressed. when they emerged the Sun was just coming up. Crest was also curled up Outside. Bearclaw patted her

Head she looked up and tilted her Head. she knew  her Friend had a Female Mate with yellow Hair. but her Friend

was with the young red Headed Male again. he'd also never taken his Mate to this Bower. xx Crest Come. xx she

followed the Pair. Redmark went to his Bower and the She Wolf soon forgot all about her Friend being with Another.

Bearclaw and Redmark remained Furmates on and off til Cutter the Chief's Cub was Weaned. and life in the Holt

returned to normal. but the rascally Chief still snuck off from time to time to play Toss Stone with the Trolls and get

drunk on Dreamberry Wine.

                                                                                           the end.

Furmates page 6

Redmark quickly stripped and joined Bearclaw. he'd also undone

his Braids. so with nimble Fingers he got the small Ponytail unsnarled.

the older Elf grabbed the flame Haired Youth " BBearclaw? " "  Come to my Spot With me? "

" Ok. " Redmark could see the Lust in his Chief's Eyes. both only slipped on their Pants and went to the hidden

Bower. this time Redmark helped Bearclaw roll the Boulder. as they fooled around Stronbow came up to Joyleaf.

" Have you Seen Bearclaw? " " I Have as I Am His Lifemate you Know. " Strongbow frowned " He's Off Fooling Around

Somewhere Again isn't He? is He With the Trolls? " she got up and Poked the slender Archer in the Chest. " you Let

me Worry or Not Worry What my Mate is Up To. Shall We? " Strongbow's Eyes narrowed " What if I Told you He is

Probally...? " " Fooling Around With Another? I Know All About it. just What Do you Want With Bearclaw Anyway? " with a

huff he stalked off to his own Bower. Moonshade noticed the scowl on her Lifemate's Face. " What Are you Brooding

About Now? " " I'm Not Brooding! " he snapped " Ok,What Did my Brother Do Now? " " What...? " " Let me Guess He's

Off Playing Toss Stones With the Trolls Again or He's Had Too Many Dreamberries. " " He's as Reckless as His Sire. "

" you Hardly Knew Mantricker my Love and He Was my Sire Too. at Least Bearclaw Only Pulls Pranks On the Tall Ones

On Rare Occations. " Strongbow said " I Think He is Fooling Around With the Cub Redmark. " Moonshade smiled

" Are you Sure? or is it just a Feeling? " " you Sound as Unconcerned as Joyleaf. " " if I Didn't Know you Better I'd Say

you Sound Rather Jealous. and Redmark is a Cub No Longer you Know. " " That's Not Funny. " Moonshade handed

Cresent to him. " Here Play With your Cub I Need a Soak In the Hot Spring. " " Take Briarsting With you. " " Yes Dear

One. " he walked to the opening of their Bower and sent for his Wolf Friend. xxx Guard my Mate. xxx he sent and the

pair walked  off. as they did she petted the Wolf's Head " I Don't Need to Be Watched Like a Cub. " x Protect Friend

Mate. x as Moonshade soaked Cresent began to cry and not having much experience with Newborn Cubs in a low

whisper Strongbow said " Quiet,I Don't Know What you Want. Can you Send? "

Furmates page 5

she chuckled as he climbed into their Bower. x I Heard That! x

River too was snickered at by Amber. Bearclaw and Treestump

were the last back to the Holt neither had caught anything. after returning Bearclaw was Eating

and said to Joyleaf " Would you Be Upset if I Took a Furmate? " " No,afterall your Grandmother Goodtree Had

2 Lifemates and your Sire Mantricker Shared His Furs. " " I Love you. you Know That? " " Yes and I Love you Too

you Old Badger. so I Noticed you Said Furmate and Not Lovemate. Can I Ask Who you were Thinking Of? or Have

you already Shared Furs? " " you Know me Too Well Woman,it was Redmark. "  Joyleaf petted his beared Chin. " He

is a Pretty Cub. " " Yes He is and actually is No Longer a Cub Really. it's just Lately I Need... " " To Be Touched? I

Understand. so it's Ok. " " Will you Come Soak In the Spring With me? " " I Think Not. " he smiled " you Still Look Pretty. "

" Go Before I Push you Out Again. " with a smile he headed off the the Glade. when Bearclaw got there One Eye was

soaking in the Spring. as Bearclaw stripped the 1 Eyed Elf looked up. " Hello my Chief. " " One Eye. " and once nude

he slid into the Hot Spring. " One Eye said " did you Hear Clearbrook is With Cub? " " No,but Heard Brownberry,Rillfisher

and Rainsong Are. "  " Soon the Holt Will Be Overrun With Cubs. " Bearclaw grinned " Don't Be Too Surprised if once

Clearbrook Grows Round if She Stops Snuggling and... " " it's Not Uncomon For a Pregnant Female to Get Moody. Even

Our Wolf Friends When With Young Are Less Sociable. " " Well Just Letting you Know She May Not Want to Be Nuzzled

or Touch you. " One Eye chuckled " Ah! so That's Why you Stalked Off at Dusk. " Bearclaw splashed him " Oh Be Quiet! "

meanwhile as One Eye came back to the Holt Redmark asked Joyleaf " uh Joyleaf? " " Yes Cubling? " " Have you uhm.. "

x Check the Glade,it's Ok I Know and Am Fine With it. x he looked surprised  as she smiled as he went in search of

the older Elf. it was now almost The Season of The Death Sleep and Bearclaw and Joyleaf's Cub would be Born in

The New Green. when Redmark got to the Spring Bearclaw was trying to untangle his Chief's Knot. " Grr! Puckernuts! "

a familiar scent reached the Chief's Nose and he relaxed a bit. " Need a Hand? " " Sure,Think I Have a Stickerburr in it. "

Furmates page 4

they lay in each others Arms when a stong sending hit Bearclaw.

xx Bearclaw?! I Know you're In This Glade Somewhere! xx it was Strongbow.

" Grr! let's Go See What He Wants. " they got dressed and the Chief blew out the Candle

it was now dark " There you Are. " " What Has your Hackles Up Now? " " the Holt is without it's Chief

AGAIN and it's Time to Hunt. " Redmark said " I'll Get my Bow. " and he took off running " Playing With Cubs Now? "

" Watch yourself Archer. " " Joyleaf is In a Better Mood Now. " Bearclaw clapped the thin Elf on the Back. " She Never

Stays Mad Long and I Too Am In a Better Mood. " when they got back to the Holt Joyleaf came up " I'm Sorry I Pushed

you Out of Our Bower. " he caressed her Cheek. " it's Ok and it's Not the 1st Time. but Next Time Let me Get my

Britches On 1st. " a white Haired Cub came over " my Chief? " " Yes Cubling? " " I'll Protect Joyleaf and your Cub

While you're On the Hunt. " the Cub's name was Skywise and he'd been Orphaned on the day of his Birth 10 Turns of

The Seasons ago. and he had a Bower high up in the Father Tree where he could see the Stars. Bearclaw ruffled

the snowy Headed Cub's Hair. " Now I Can Hunt with less Worry. " Joyleaf smiled as Skywise ran off after the young

Wolf that he'd bonded with. the hunt consisted of One Eye,Longbranch,Treestump,Pike,River,Rain,Redmark,

Strongbow and Bearclaw. Rain only went on hunts to ease the passing of Prey not cleanly killed. they split into

pairs the 2 eldest paired up and so on. as Bearclaw and Treestump rode the stocky blond Elf said " Skywise Says

your Cub is Male. " " Joyleaf Says That Too. and I Hear Rillfisher is With Cub. " " Yup and so is Brownberry Soon we'll

All Have Cubs Running Around Getting Underfoot. " meanwhile back at the Holt Clearbrook told Joyleaf she too was

with Cub and not long after Rainsong too was Pregnant. the hunt went well One Eye and Strongbow bagged a meduim

sized Click Toed Deer. and Pike and Redmark got a bunch of Ravvits. all Longbranch and River got was wet when they

slid down a Bank while looking over the Edge. so they were the 1st back to the Holt. Brownberry looked up from the

Hood she was mending and her Mouth formed an O x Don't Say It! x both Elves looked like a drowned Ravvit.

Furmates page 3

" let's Move before it is the Tall Ones Catching Us. " they got out,dressed

and then Redmark followed Bearclaw who with a flick of his Wrist sent

his Wolf Friend back to the Holt. they stopped in front of an odd shaped Thicket

blocked by a medium sized Boulder. " Ah! Here We Are. " " Where is Here Exsactly? " the Chief

smiled as he rolled the Boulder " it's my Thinking... " " and Sulking Spot? " " I Don't Sulk! " " That's Not What

Joyleaf Says. Once a few Seasons ago She Said you Pout like a Spoiled She Cub. " Bearclaw laughed " if you

Ask Treestump its She That's the Spoiled One. but She is the Light to my Darkness,Now Get your Rump Inside. "

inside it was a rather spacious Bower with enough room for both Elves to stand upright. and like both Strongbow

and One Eye Bearclaw was rather tall for a Wolfrider. he lit the Tallow Lamp with a bit of Flint and New Moon's edge.

there was a Bed of Furs " How did you Find This Place? " as Bearclaw removed the younger Elf's Clothes " my Sire

Mantricker. as a Cub I once Tracked Him Here after He Stormed Off when Brightwater Told Him His Recklessness

would Get Us All Killed. and When He Looked to Mother for Suport She Agreed with Brightwater. (sigh) but in the End

it only Got Him Killed and I Became Chief. " Bearclaw then pushed Redmark to the Bed of Furs after taking off his own

Clothing Bearclaw joined Redmark. " you're Beautiful. " the young Elf slid his Hands down Bearclaw's Sides. " Lower

Mmm Touch me Please Redmark. I Need to Be Touched. " he rolled to his Back " Yesss " he purred as Redmark's

Hand closed around his Shaft. " More Mm. " Redmark picked up speed and the elder Elf Came. " Have you Mated

Before? " " No. " " Do you Trust me? " " Yes my Chief I Trust you. " Bearclaw took some of the Tallow to use as Lube

he then Lubed his Shaft to Hardness again and swiftly took the younger elf who let out a loud whimper. x Shh you'll

be Ok. x Bearclaw sent as he let Redmark's Body adjust. then he got a rythem going and after both had Come and

recovered Redmark took his Chief. " Thank you. " " Anytime my Chief. There have Been a Few Times I had Wondered

What'd it Be Like to Touch you. " when Bearclaw had taken him he'd been both gentle and wild. and now he asked

" Does This Mean we're Lovemates? " " I Don't Know but Furmates Anyway. "

Furmates page 2

Bearclaw took off his Pants and entered the Spring. " Mm Feels Good. "

the younger Elf swam over to Bearclaw's area and was going to get out.

x Stay x the older Elf sent as he slid under the warm Water after shaking his Head

Bearclaw's Hair hung in a wild wavy mass. the effect had Redmark's pulse racing his Eyes remained

glued to his Chief's shapely Backside when the older Elf climbed up to the Waterfall. there had been a few times

when Redmark had wondered what it'd be like to touch his Chief in an intimate way. Bearclaw turned and pounced

on the distracted  young Elf both ended up under Water. Redmark came up sputtering " Why did you Do That?! "

" Not Sure Cubling but it was Fun. " " Not very Chieflike. " " Mm let's just Say my Night has Not Gone Well So Far. " " Oh? "

" it's just that I Think I Put my Foot in my Mouth. and Ended Up Getting Flung Naked Out of my Bower. " " What did you

Say To Her this Time? " the Youth asked. " She's just Moody and has Not Let me Touch Her since She Got Round. " " you

Called Her Round to Her Face? " the older Elf leaned back against a Rock. " Not this Time She Said She Looks Like well

after She Said She Look I Said Like She Swallowed a Boulder. " Redmark laughed " it's NOT Funny! " so Bearclaw

dunked him. when Redmark came up he pounced on the older Elf and both this time felt a spark. " Can I? uh

Nevermind. " " you Want to Touch me Don't you? " " Yes. " Bearclaw again prevented him from leaving the Spring.

" Touch me. " Redmark ran his Hand over his Chief's course Beard 1st then over the chisled Chest. Bearclaw's Head

went back and he closed his Eyes. with the overwelming need to be touched Bearclaw then Embraced the younger Elf

and nuzzled his Neck and licked it. " Mmm. " " Come Cubling I Know a better Spot for This. " there was a rustle in the

Bushes and Bearclaw cursed the that New Moon was in his Bower. both crouched low in the Water. x Tall Ones? x

Redmark sent nervously. x I Don't Know. x (sniff) x I Can't Smell Who it is. x it was Crest both relaxed as the She-Wolf

emerged with New Moon. " Looks like I have Been Forgiven. " " Yeah Til Next Time. She still has almost a full Turn of

The Seasons to Go. " Bearclaw splashed him.

Furmates page 1

it was twilight and the Elves of Goodtree's Rest/Father Tree Holt were stirring.

Joyleaf the Chief's Lifemate was rounded with the Cub she carried for almost

2 Turns of The Seasons. Bearclaw let out a low growl as her Belly against his Back kicked him.

she giggled and rolled to her Back. x our Son Stirs before his Sire. x he burried his Head in the Bearskin Blanket.

" Come On you Old Badger,you may as well Get Up the Sun has Gone Down. " " Grrr! " Bearclaw sat up and yawned

he then pointed to rounded dome of Joyleaf's Abdomen. That Thing kept Waking me (yawn) Up. " Joyleaf struggled

upright so he helped her up only to have his Ear boxed. " That " Thing " is your CUB! " Bearclaw nuzzled her Neck.

" you Know I Love you Both. " Joyleaf huffed " I Look like... " " you Swallowed a Boulder? " her Jaw dropped and she

shoved him Naked out of their Bower. x at Least Give me my Britches! x he sent. his Clothes and Boots flew out.

Moonshade came over craddling her Newborn Cub Cresent. " you Sure  Know how to make an Enterance Dear

Brother. " " Grrr! Puckernuts and Double Owl Pellets! " the nude Chieftain gathered his Clothes and stalked off towards

the Glade that held a Hot Spring. just past the Father Tree Bearclaw had put his Pants on but he held his Vest and

Boots. when he reached the Glade he spotted the Youth Redmark who was just a little shorter than himself. Redmark

had Hair the color of Fire and Eyes the color of Spring Leaves. he usually wore a Braid on each side of his Face and

a Gold Ring around his Head with only part showing on his Forehead. as the rest of his long firey Hair hung loose.

Bearclaw stood and stared Redmark had no idea his Chief was there as his Back was to Bearclaw. and from the

roar of the Waterfall he was standing under he didn't hear Bearclaw approach. the Elder Elf felt a stirring ing his Groin

as he watched the Red Headed Youth. the young Elf has seen about 2 eight and 3 Turns of the Seasons. Redmark

turned and froze he had the feeling he was being watched. " Wwho's Tthere? " he stammered Bearclaw had crouched

down so he stood up. he chuckled when Redmark Blushed and said " Oh my Chief (sigh) it's just you. " " Did you

Think I was a Tall One? " " Nno,uh Ok Maybe. "
my untitled The 69 Eyes/H.I.M fic(epilogue) page 3(and end)

the older man made no move " Come On it's Not like I Got Cooties. " Bazie Blushed and said " Never Said you Did. " then took the offered Digit into his Mouth. " Mmm " Timo Moaned " Can I Kiss you? " Bazie asked his Cheeks were still Flushed. taking the Bowl from Timo and put it on the Coffee Table. " Sit Up. " he told the younger guitarist so Timo sat up and Bazie leaned in and Kissed him. Timo took the Hair Tie from Bazie's Ponytail. " I Like it Down. " he said as he ran his Hands through the older man's Hair. " Have Wanted to Do That For a Long Time. you Have Awsome Hair. " Bazie drew Timo into his Arms. " so Does Jyrki. " " Ja Til he Cut it. don't Cut yours,Ok? " " Ok just the Dead Ends. " back at Jyrki's after the Dishes were done Jussi from Jyrki's Lap said " you Think we should Call Pasi? " Jyrki cupped Jussi's Face " we'll See him at Practice Tomorrow Enkeli. " " But he Seemed so Sad Kulta. " " This is 1 of the Many Things I Love About you Enkeli,Ok Go Call if it'll Make you Feel Better. " the small man had a big Heart Bazie's Phone rang the Caller ID said * JYRKI LINNANKIVI * " Haloo? " " Moi Pasi it's Jussi. " " What's Up Short Shit? " " you Ok? you Seemed so Sad Earlier. " " I'm Fine my Little Friend. " Jussi heard " you Coming Back?! " " Ja! don't Worry! I'll Be Right There! " " Ah! so Have you..? " " Ja I Told him I Like Like him and he Like Likes me Back. " " Cool,Now Ask him Out. " " Jussi! you Better Not Be Badgering him! " " Gotta Go. " " Go On I'll See you at Practice. " and both hung up. when Bazie turned Timo was staring at him " it was Jussi. " " Gathered That When you Said Short Shit. What's Up with him? he Bored? " " he was just Checking Up On me. Anyway Will you Be my Boyfriend? " " Tottakai Sydamen On Sinun. " when Jussi returned to Jyrki's Side the singer smiled " Feel Better? " " Kylla,Timo is Over at Bazie's so I Told him to Ask him Out. he Told Timo he Like Likes him and Timo it Turns Out Like Likes him Back. " " Nice,Will Be Nice to See Pas Happy. I Kinda Suspected he Liked Timo More Than a Friend When we were at Bambi's. " Jussi chuckled " Timo Did Look Kinda Cuddly with Pasi in the Hot Tub. " " he was Tired But Pas Had Gone all Mothery Hen and Put him to Bed. " with a sausy grin Jussi said " Speaking of Bed let's Go Upstairs. " " you Tired Enkeli? " the singer joked " Ei I Want you to Fuck me Senseless Kulta. " " That Sounds like a Plan. " so Jyrki locked his Doors and turned off the TV and Downstairs Lights. then he joined Jussi Upstairs where his little Lover waited for him. the singer nevere tired from exposing the small drummer's toned Abs and narrow Waist. the bronzed Skin and then there was the cut from Jussi's Hips. the drummer licked 1 of Jyrki's pale Shoulders the singer didn't spend as much time in the Sun as his young Boyfriend. so he had a much more Gothic look to him. Jyrki nibbled on Jussi's Neck " Mmm my Vampire. " " God you're a Sexy Little Thing Enkeli. " so while they Made Love back over at Bazie's the 2 guitarists snuggled on Bazie's Couch. then the next day when Jussi and Jyrki arrived at the Studio Bazie and Timo were playing Tonsil Hockey. " Ahem! " Jyrki cleared his Throat. " Oh uh hey Guys. " Bazie said a tad sheepishly and Jussi said " I See he Said Yes. " " Ja. " Archzie was the last to arrive. " hey Everyone. " Timo was still in Bazie's Lap " hey Old Man. " " Brat,uh Why are you On Pasi's Lap? " " Cuz my Boyfriend is Comfy. " " Boyfriend? so Now you 2 Have Hooked Up huh? " Bazie Hugged Timo. " you Have a Problem with it? " " Nope,I'll Stick to Women Thank you Very much. " the bassist replied. so after Practice Jyrki Called the Moving Company and Booked a Truck. then on saturday the Guys helped Jussi move into Jyrki's. both Couples were Happy and then a month later Timo moved into Bazie's House.

                                                                            the end
my untitled The 69 Eyes/H.I.M fic(epilogue) page 2

after the small drummer left Bazie said to Jyrki " you don't Think he'll Call Timo Do you? " " Unlikely as it was I Kinda Pried it Out of him at Bam's. Not that I Had Told him I Like Liked him Too Before he Had Gotten Bad Sick. " later that day after Jussi had changed and packed a Bag he returned to Jyrki's House. around 1pm they were cuddling when the Phone rang. " Haloo? " " hey Jyrki,how's Jussi Doing? " it was Bam " hey Bambi, he is Fine he is Here... " " haha! in your Lap No Doubt,Yo Sweetheart! hey Can you and Glomb Fix my Ramp? " " Sure,Feed Us After? " " Deal,Glad he's Good. " " Ville is Dere? " " haha No,Willa is in Helsinki. we Call my Friend Seth Meisterman Sweetheart. he and Tim Glomb Build my Ramps and Shit. " Jussi said " Ville Go Back to Bambi's? " " Ei,Bam Says it is a Different Guy Dey Call Sweetheart Named Seth. " Jussi then said loudly " hey Bambi! Say Hi to Mama Ape and Papa Phil! " Jyrki shoved the smaller man " Go Get me a Beer. " " Mulkku " Jussi got up and on the Line Bam chuckled " Become a Mother Hen Have ya? " " No I Hab Not. so are you and Ville a Couple? " " Not Offically but we are When I Come to Finland or he's Here in the States. so Have you Tapped Jussi Yet? " " Kylla in your Guest Room When we were at the Castle. " Jussi came in " Here. " " didn't Shake it Did you? " " Idootti,Gimme da Clicker. " Bam said " Ok I'll let you Get Back to your Little Wifey. " " Cya Bambi. " Jyrki put the Phone on the Coffee Table. " Juse? " " Mm? Ooh Bugs Bunny! " after putting on Looney Toons Jussi waited for Jyrki to continue. meanwhile Bazie was wondering if he should Call Timo when his Phone rang. " Haloo? " " I'm Bored,I Can Come Over? " Bazie's Mouth went dry " Pasi? " " uh Yeh Sure. " " Cool I'll Bring Beer. " so while the older guitarist waited for the younger guitarist back at Jyrki's the drummer poked the tall singer. " Kulta? " " uh I'm Ok Enkeli uh was Wondering if you'd Move In with me. " Jussi blinked a few times " are you Serious? " Jyrki sighed " it's Ok if you don't... " " Hiljaa,I'd Love to Move In with you Kulta. " the singer took the little drummer into his Arms. " Rakastansinua Minun Pikkuinen Tumma Enkeli. " " I Love you Too Kulta. so When are we Gonna Do This? " Jyrki Kissed Jussi's Forehead " Saturday as we Have No Practice I'll Rent a Moving Truck On Friday. " it was wednesday as the Couple watched TV. back over at Bazie's Timo showed up with a Case of Beer. " Moi! I Bring a Gift. " with a chuckle and an Eye roll he let the young guitar player in. " a Case Timo? " " uh Ja Since you Never Have Enough On Hand. " and Timo headed for the Kitchen Bazie shook his Head as he closed the door. " he's Crazy but That's Part of his charm " the older guitarist thought to himself. when he came into his Kitchen he was greeted by the sight of Timo's Denium clad Ass bent in his Refridgerator. so he ogled a bit " Mm Fif If Goo. " he heard " That Better Not Be my Pie Timo. " Timo stood up " uh it was Pudding. " he said as he sucked on his Finger and Bazie Blushed. " you're Blushing,are you Ok? " " uh Ja Sure I'm Ok. " " Pas? " " Yeh? " " Can I Finish the Rest of the Pudding? " " Ok but Use a Spoon. " " we Can Share. " Timo's Eyes sparkled with Mistif as he took the Bowl of Banana Pudding Out. after setting it on the Counter he got 2 Beers. Bazie took 1 " so What you Wanna Do? " in Timo's Head he said " you Comes to Mind. " but verbally he said " Mina Entieda Watch a DVD Maybe. " while Timo visited with Bazie Jussi had made a few trips back to his Place and moved some of his Clothes over to Jyrki's. around 5pm Jyrki started Dinner for him and Jussi. the drummer said " What you Think Bazie is Doing? " " Watching TV and wallowing in his Fear. " Jyrki had the TV part right Bazie was. but he was not Alone Timo was with him. the smaller guitarist had his Head in Bazie's Lap and the Bowl of Pudding on his Chest. " Pas? " " Ja? " " I uh Like Like you. is That Ok? " " Tottakai uh I Like Like you Too. was Worried About the Age Gap. " " Same,Pudding? " Timo offered a Pudding Coated Finger to Bazie.
my untitled The 69 Eyes/H.I.M fic(epilogue) page 1

it was now about 2 weeks since The 69 Eyes and H.I.M had gone back to Helsinki. Jussi was curled next to Jyrki as they watched Viva La Bam at the taller man's House. " Tired Enkeli? " Jyrki asked his young Boyfriend " (yawn) uh uh I'm (yawn) Fine you don't Have to Baby me. " " Come On we'll Go Upstairs. " " Ok (yawn) Maybe I'll Crash Here Kulta. " Jussi sleepily followed the older man up. Jyrki could tell the smaller man was running on empty. once in the vocalist's Room Jussi climbed into the gothic looking 4 Poster Bed. it was unmade " Plan On Sleeping in your Clothes? " " (yawn) Purra Minua. " the younger man mumbled as he stripped to his Boxers. then tossed his Shirt and Jeans on the Floor at the foot of Jyrki's Bed. by the time Jyrki picked up Jussi's Clothes and took off his own Jussi had fallen asleep. he then spooned around the smaller man and Kissed his Cheek. " Rakastansinua Enkeli. " it was midnight as the singer drifted off. around 8:30am Jyrki stirred he smiled then shifted Jussi out of his Arms. after covering him Jyrki went Downstairs to make the Coffee and bring in his Paper. as he got his Paper Bazie pulled up. " Hyvaa Huo Menta Jyrki. " " Oh hey Pasi,Kuinka Voit? " " Olen Hyvaa. " " Coffee? " " Sure,uh ain't that the Bratmobile? " Jyrki laughed " Kylla,he's Asleep Upstairs. " so Bazie and Jyrki went to the Kitchen. " so Has Jussi Moved In? " " Ei just Crashed Here was Too Tired to Be Driving. we were Watching Viva La Bam. " Jyrki poured Bazie a Cup of Coffee " Ok Pas,What's Up? it's Not like you to Come Over so Early. " Bazie glared at him " Geez Love you Too Paskiainen. " " Seriously Pas,What's Up? " " Fine,I 've Developed a Crush On Somebody Younger than me. " " Anyone I Know? " " you Know him Ja. " " it's Not Bambi is it? haha. " Bazie threw a Sugar Cube at the singer. " it's Not Bambi. " Jyrki had a slight surge of jealousy. " it Better Not Be Jussi. " " haha Jealous Much? Ei it's Not Jussi uh Nevermind you're Being a Tyhmapaa so I'll Go. " Jyrki said " Ateeksi just Tell me. Ooh is it 1 of the Guys in H.I.M? " " it's Timo. " " Timo Kotipelo? " " Even Younger. " " huh? Oh! you uh Mean Pitkanen? " Jussi came in " (yawn) What's Timo Done Now? " both said " Nothing. " " I See,so What's For Breakfast? " as the drummer got a Cup of Coffee he said " you 2 are Acting Guilty. " Jyrki said " Pancakes Ok? " Bazie said " Mmm Banana Ones? " Jyrki rolled his Eyes " Jussi? " " Cool,Ok Pasi let me In On the Secret. " " There's No Secret. " Jyrki snorted " Hiljaa Olet Perseeta! " Bazie snapped. Jussi said " Oh There's More to This? " as Jyrki put the Batter together he said " Pas Like Likes Our Little Timo. " " Oh is That All? you were Acting like you Got Caught in a Buddy's Sister's Bed. " " you Both Suck. " Jussi Hugged the guitarist " you Know you Love Us. " Bazie asked " you don't Think I'm Too Old For him? " " Nah and you're Younger Than Arch. so have you Told Timo that you Like Like him? " " Ei. " Jyrki put a Plate of Banana Pancakes in front of both. Jussi Buttered his and rolled 1 up and took a bite. " you should. " " how Long did you Like Like Jyrki Before you Told him? " " we'd Been at Bambi's a Day but I'd Liked him Longer. " Jyrki said " it'll Work Out,it did For Us. " Jussi said " Ok Kulta I Need Clean Clothes so Am Going. " he Kissed Jyrki then Hugged Bazie. " Tell him,Worse Case is he don't Feel the Same Cya Guys. "